Southern Plains Landfill has been proudly serving over 100,000 residents and many businesses in South Central Oklahoma since 1987. We routinely and safely accommodate the 600 tons of municipal waste our customers produce during a typical day.

The landfill is a fully permitted “State of the Art” facility which utilizes the latest techniques and methodologies to effective mange the wastes received. We routinely work with State and local officials as well as other technical experts to assure that our facility is well managed, safe and secure.

Our facilities employs 21 local associates who serve our customers. We employ a multi-million dollar heavy equipment fleet composed of 2 large (massive) landfill compactors, 2 heavy bulldozer and various other earth moving equipment.

You might also keep in mind that our facilities is circled with an environmental monitoring network composed of groundwater monitoring wells, landfill gas monitoring wells, and storm water monitoring facilities. All to make sure the environment is fully protected.

Southern Plains Landfill is located off of State Highway 19 approximately 3 miles Northwest of Alex, Oklahoma and 13 miles Southeast of Chickasha, Oklahoma. The ODEQ Municipal Solid Waste Permit number is 3526013.