Set your “SITES” on our values

Safety. We strive to assure complete safety of our employees, our customers and the public in all our operations. The freedom from danger, risk or injuries.

Integrity. We define integrity as “saying what you will do and then doing it.” We keep our promises to our customers and employees. Do the right thing at the right time, for the right reason.

Teamwork & Respect. We will treat each other the way that we expect to be treated. We promote a teamwork environment where when necessary we will work as a team to make sure the job is complete.

Environmental Stewardship. While working together with local, state and national regulatory guidelines, we strive to provide a workplace that is protective of the overall human health and environment.

Service. We provide our customers with the best possible service in a courteous, effective manner, showing respect for those we are fortunate to serve. Be willing to help or be of service.

Mission Statement

Southern Plains Landfill is committed to providing high quality added value service to our customers in a manner that is safe, compliant, cost effective and protective of the overall human health and environment.

Chantry Scott receiving our Heavy Metal Maintenance Award